Character Creation


Character Creation
Character creation can be as integrated or as separate as the player wants. If you want to talk to another player about your characters then go ahead, if not go ahead and make it as you see fit and keep whatever you want secret from the other players. If you have any questions hit me up.

We’re going to be playing 5th edition. It is the edition that I have the most experience DMing with (at least recently). It makes my life as a DM super easy with bounded accuracy and a couple other nice features, so were going to be playing 5e.

Your Character
I have ran this game before and I thoroughly enjoy it as a player and DM. I think most players can agreed to straddle the line between serious and slapstick characters. In the end I will pick the players to be a final part of the game (with a little help from applicant voting). I honestly want you guys to have fun, so think of a character you would like to play for a long time. If it one you want to develop their story and character over time or if you want to have a character to have certain flaws or strengths you want me to lean on, let me know – honestly, with characters I’m flexible and I like interesting.

All classes from the PHB are available, along with any homebrew class I approve of and the alternative classes/features described in the DMG. The only class I definitively will not approve is the Mystic/Psion class from the Unearthed Arcana: Psionics and the Mystic. It just has 5 levels fleshed out and there are plenty of homebrew psionic classes out there that provide a good alternative. I have a small list of things I have approved for other games in a private folder, if you have an idea that doesn’t quite jive with the basic classes feel free to use PM me or post asking about it and I can work with you. If you have a homebrew already in mind please link it when you ask about it. It might take ma bit to kinda run through it and find any issues but I won’t turn anything down until I’ve at least seen in and given it a bit of consideration. I’ll do my best to say yes to every reasonable homebrew and provide alternatives to anything I say no to.

Again, all races from the PHB are available (EXCEPT THE TIEFLING AND AASIMAR/DEVA) as well as their alternatives/variants described in the DMG. I’m open to homebrew races just like I am homebrew classes, but I will say that – in my opinion – there aren’t as many good homebrew races as there are classes, so if I say no to a suggestion, I may not be able to provide a suitable alternative. I have retained a list of previous races that I have accepted for other games, I’m not going each individual race and source as to not crap up the post, but below are a general overview of stuff I know I can field for you.

Major Races Across Ashfar

Another thing to consider, I’m fine with you playing a barbaric, taboo, or otherwise offbeat race, but remember, at the end of the day you are still whatever race you selected and a dwarf/human/elf is not going to have as many issues as a goblin/drow/teifling might.

Ability Scores
Pretty simple, 5e point buy – page 13 of the PHB. Take a look here if you are bad at math.

Birth Mark
Each player needs to pick a constellation from this list. They will function as birthmarks that give you a daily bonuses (in game-daily). Each gives you a bonus because you are all super special star children.

Basically you will all have some sort of birthmark that resembles a constellation in the sky that identifies you as Starborne. Take a moment to read the descriptions of the stars and the signs and pick the one that you feel matches your character’s personality the best. When describing your character add this to their physical description. decide where it will be and how large and visible it is. Is it a dark discoloration? How large is it (note – it must be no smaller than a fist and no larger than a half-sleeve tattoo)? Where is it placed? How does you character act when asked about it? If a player wants they can have a tattoo over it at no cost (the birthmark must be included or incorporated in some way).

Signature Items
Each player gets a magical item for free (at some point…). It will level up and gain power with you. It will be from a past life and will be the weapon/equipment/adventuring item that the former starborn held and used. I want you to describe the item and what type of properties it holds – you shouldn’t be going into detail about what bonuses you get, but more of the flavor you can assign to it. A good example I got from a previous player is seen below, you can also click on the title to see the final item he ended up getting using and the perks he got from it.

Duelist’s Greatsword
A greatsword is a truly frightening thing – you take your enemy seriously when you see her wielding one. That said, greatswords lack a certain elegance. They are the craftsman’s tools of death, not the artist’s. The Duelist’s Greatsword was created for a long-forgotten ultimate blade master. A master who understood the sword’s practical use, but also its beauty. A master who understood that while sometimes a sword must hew down rows of enemies in a war, other times it should dance like a butterfly around an opponent’s defenses.
Upon finding the Duelist’s Greatsword, it appears to be a simple, if well-crafted, greatsword of somewhat absurd size. A DC 10 Investigation check (made by someone with proficiency in martial weapons) will reveal that the sword’s proportions are… off. The grip is too short, and the base of the blade is too thin compared to standard swords. Picking it up, it feels improperly balanced, too heavy in its blade given how it must be held.

Again, I’m just looking for flavor at this point. I will assign the stats and bonuses myself. Remember when you are picking your item, it can be armor, a weapon, a tool or any other adventuring item. My personal experience from being a part of this campaign once, I had a flagon as my personal item. Not as useful as a sword in combat, but damn, never ending ale was a life saver in some places.

Character Sheets
Paper please, print them off yourself or let me know and I’ll print one off and fill it in for you if you don’t have access to a printer. Please don’t show up the first night with nothing in hand. The ability score rolling will take a bit and I don’t want it to take up the whole night with finalizing character creation.

If you know what you are going to be without a doubt, I can ask one of the players to bring a mini for you if you don’t have your own. We’ll have a battlemap but depending on how rowdy the group is we might not use is a whole bunch. It seems like we have a huge selection from the players so it shouldn’t be super hard to find a mini that is close to what character you are playing.

Character Description & Background
I really, heavily, strongly, greatly prefer that you use this as a guideline for character creation. This is a simple 10 Minute Character Background and it has helped me DM a bunch in terms of creating better hooks and making it interesting for your characters. it’s in a standardized format and I really don’t have to tool around and look for specific stuff in each backstory however everyone wrote it in their own way.

Please, if you can, find a nice (large) character portrait. If you are having a hard time, look in one of these three places: My personal (and quite large) character portrait folder that I have amassed over the years, /r/characterdrawing/, or the Reddit Imaginary Character Network

Other Questions
Text me. I think I have got everything together here, but I can always forget something.

Character Creation

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