Catfolk.jpgThe catfolk seem to think they differ greatly in their worlds, but to an outsider they are very similar within their own subraces. Bound to the world and each other in a very spiritual sense, individualism is rare. The proud and noble races of the catfolk are full of selflessness and compassion. There is also a feral rage deep inside them, but that is a part of their link to their animal spirits. Ancient divides among the catfolk resulted in five main subraces, each subrace resembling a different type of large predator cat across Ashfar. They differ greatly from the Shifters across Ashfar as their heritage is not of lycantrhopic in nature.

Leo (Lion-like)
This subrace of proud catfolk are found across the world as leaders and mentors. Their personality makes them well qualified to guide those under their direction. Their primitive home is in the Horned Reaches, however there are very few remaining catfolk that have stayed in the Horned Reaches.

Tigris (Tiger-like)
This subrace of aggressive catfolk typically reside in the jungles of Cendra and often fued with the various kobold and other reptilian races.

Jabatus (Cheetah-like)
This subrace of nimble catfolk roam the prairie of the Horned Reaches and once feuded with the Leo catfolk across their disputed territory in the Horned reaches. Following amass emigration of the Leo catfolk, the Jabatus catfolk remain one of the few aggressive race remaining in the Horned Reaches.

Oncara (Jaguar-like)
This subrace of reclusive catfolk are rarely seen outside of their villages dotted across Valjinn. They are extremely isolationist and skeptical of outsiders.

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