Dwarf.jpgKingdoms rich in ancient grandeur, halls carved into the roots of mountains, the echoing of picks and hammers in deep mines and blazing forges, a commitment to clan and tradition, and a burning hatred of goblins and orcs—these com m on threads unite all dwarves.

Hill Dwarfs
Hill dwarfs have keen senses, deep intuition, and remarkable resilience. They are a race that values toughness and the awareness of when you are going to have to use it.

Mountain Dwarfs
Mountain dwarfs are a strong and hardy bunch, they are accustomed to a difficult life in rugged terrain. Generally they are a bit on the tall side (for a dwarf), and tend toward lighter colorations.

In cities deep in the Underdark live the duergar, or gray dwarves. These vicious, stealthy slave traders raid the surface world for captives, then sell their prey to the other races of the Underdark. They have innate magical abilities to become invisible and to temporarily grow to giant size.

Player Race Source: Player’s Handbook


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