Goblin.jpgThe typical goblinoid is lewd, cruel, sadistic, power-hungry (or in the case of goblins, just plain hungry), extremely lacking in any intelligence or sophistication, and proud of it. Known for their habit of abusing those (at least by their reckoning) lesser than them, and worshiping those greater than them, goblinoids are not popular amongst other races. While exceptions do exist (though none are noted, as an atypical goblinoid rarely makes it out of its clan alive), this description pretty much describes the ethics and existence of goblinoids throughout Ashfar. They come in many varieties, but three different goblinoids are found across the world:

Bugbears are the largest, and most fierce of all goblinoids, but what truly makes them formidable foes is their ability to hide, and strike from the shadows.

Goblins are small, and weak, but they are aware of this. They work in great numbers, and with great numbers they can overcome any challenge.

Hobgoblins are trained for war from the moment of birth. Even the weakest, least experienced hobgoblin is a weaponmaster compared to most people.

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