Orc.jpgLiving in primitive tribes scattered across the harshest and most inhospitable environments in the world, thriving where few men would dare to set foot. From the frost-bitten peaks at the world’s edge to the driest deserts to the savage jungles ruled by wild beasts to the toxic and deadly swamps, orcs call them all home.

Gray Orc
Gray orcs are true warriors of unparalleled athleticism, but also a deeper sense of nature. You are a member of a tribe from one of the warmer and more temperate regions.

Mountain Orc
Mountain orcs are one of the toughest and fiercest survivalists in the world. They are born further from proper civilization, usually living high within the mountains or in the frigid tundras in which one might think no life could survive. Mountain orcs tend to be more blue in hue than other Orcs.

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