Shifter.jpg Shifters are descended from humans and lycanthropes. Although they cannot fully change to animal form, they can take on animalistic features by a process they call shifting. Shifters come in many different forms from various regions across Ashfar.

Beasthide Shifter
Shifters with the beasthide heritage, are especially tough and persistent in battle.

Cliffwalk Shifter
Shifters with the cliffwalk heritage are granted you the agility of a mountain goat as they move through mountainous terrain.

Longstride Shifter
Shifters with the longstride heritage, have very fleet of foot and are some of the most elusive folks in Ashfar.

Longtooth Shifter
Shifters with the longtooth heritage, are a ferocious combatants and never back down.

Razorclaw Shifter
Shifters with the razorclaw heritage are able to make swift, slashing strikes in battle with their bestial claws.

Wildhunt Shifter
Shifters with the wildhunt heritage are consummate tracker and survivors.

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