The Constellations

Each of the Starborn is the incarnation of the energies of a single Patron Star. These stars are part of constellations, which determine the type of energy concerned and the benefits that are conferred upon those who are born under them.

As the year progresses, each of the constellations in turn appears on the horizon. The months are thus named after the twelve signs, so that the year begins with the month of the Great Wolf and ends with the month of the Watchman. There is a rough correspondence between the sign and the activity of the month in peasant communities; for example, the month of the Reaper corresponds with harvest time. Below are the constellations in order (First being the equivalent to January).

Every Starborn has a birthmark somewhere upon his body that represents the force of the Patron Star to which he is connected. This birthmark will usually be silvery-blue in colour and take the shape of a symbol associated with the appropriate star. The Player should decide whether the birthmark is visible when the character is clothed or not and where on his body it is. It must be at least 3 inches inch and no more than a foot in diameter. Noticing a visible small birthmark of this kind is not difficult, requiring only a Perception check (DC 10) to achieve. If the character wishes, a visible birthmark can be hidden with the suitable materials such as greasepaint.

Game Mechanics

Each sign has two benefits that a Starborn born under the sign can draw upon. One (and only one) of the benefits of a given sign can be invoked once per long rest. As the benefit is a manifestation of fate, it takes the form of a luck bonus to the stated check. A result of ‘automatic success’ gives the minimum result necessary to indicate success, no more. The ability can only be used when the skill check DC is 20 or less.

These benefits cannot be used when the character is within 150 feet of a member of the Host, as the energies of the Dark prevent the auspicious currents of the stars from reaching their avatars.

The Patron Stars

The Constellations

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